DirectPay is now multilingual.

The DirectPay website is now available in English, French, German, Spanish, and Turkish! This will make it easier for people who are less proficient in Dutch to understand exactly what is going on with their payment arrears.

‘Offering additional languages on our website means many more people can now obtain the information they need to resolve a payment delay. We noticed that some of the people we contact to collect an outstanding bill don’t fully understand what’s going on. They don’t always understand what’s expected of them or what they can do if they can’t meet their obligations. There’s a solution for them in many cases, but not everyone knows where to find these solutions,’ says Arjan Zweers, Director of Communications and Marketing. We hope that this step will make it easier for us to communicate with people and prevent them from ending up in a problematic debt situation.

Adding additional languages to the website is part of DirectPay’s ongoing efforts to improve how it communicates with people who are in arrears.

Because DirectPay is growing rapidly abroad and more and more European companies want to use our services, the section of the website with information for clients is offered in English and French.