The invoice is incorrect.

Sometimes a claim we have on you is not or not fully justified. You may have already paid or made a partial payment, you may have contacted the original creditor – our client – and made arrangements. Or perhaps you are the victim of identity fraud. There are several possible reasons why the original invoice is incorrect, but all we know is that you are in arrears. That is the last thing you want. In this case, contact the debt collection agency as soon as possible. The more evidence you have, such as original receipts, payment receipts, contracts, and e-mail or correspondence, the faster they can resolve the issue. The debt collection process will be stopped while they are looking into the precise situation. If the invoice is indeed incorrect, they will of course withdraw it. This is free of charge for you. If the investigations shows that the invoice is correct, you will be notified and you can decide how to pay .

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On whose behalf have I been contacted by DirectPay?

DirectPay works with various professional clients. The company or agency has sold the debt to us or handed it over to us to manage. For you, this means that we are your discussion partner for the invoices mentioned in the correspondence.