Debt assistance.

Financial problems can get you down. But you’re not alone. There are an estimated 750,000 people in the Netherlands who are over their heads in debt. Many people sound the alarm too late, often out of shame. There are various ways to get help. Your municipality offers a counter you can go to if you have any problems. It may also be advisable to contact BringWay. This platform provides creditors and debt assistance providers with information that enables them to identify problematic debts earlier and to solve them more easily. A debt relief buddy or debt relief assistant can help you. He or she always starts by trying to find a solution with your creditor: referred to as the amicable settlement route. If this unsuccessful, the court is asked for a solution, which could involve debt rescheduling.  This is the legal process under the WSNP (Debt Restructuring (Natural Persons) Act). For more information about debt assistance:

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