DirectPay delivers.

Prevention is better than cure. That adage certainly applies to your business. Avoiding a failed payment is better than a complicated and time-consuming process after delivering your service. DirectPay provides an insight into your customers and prospects at individual level. We make a thorough  assessment of the current and future payment behaviour of consumers and businesses. If required, we can even guarantee the payment so that you can focus on your core business. We manage this risk using our unique data analyses and advanced risk models. Our fraud and credit scores provide a realistic estimate of your customers’ payment behaviour and effectively limit your financial risk. Would you like to know more about what our insights can mean for your business?

DirectPay manages receivables. With our sophisticated debtor management, we achieve an optimal return in a friendly manner. Of course, we deliver tailor-made solutions and approach debtors in accordance with your wishes.

Unpaid accounts put pressure on your cash flow. We buy your receivables so that you no longer run a credit risk and have immediate liquidity. We have an AFM licence that allows us to buy invoices and your non-performing loans. We buy your claims once or periodically. The value of your portfolio is accurately analysed and recorded based on advanced data models and the dunning profile you require. DirectPay buys receivables in the Netherlands, Germany, Scandinavia, and Belgium. You also save time and money, because we take care of the subsequent follow-up in a friendly, efficient, and responsible manner. You reduce your debtor risk, have guaranteed payout on your debtor portfolio, and save on operational costs. And naturally, you keep a say in how your customers are contacted and the payment options they are offered. You focus on your core business, and we give your customers the best care. Would you like more information?