DirectPay Belgium.

DirectPay has been active in Belgium since 2014 for its customers who have outstanding claims on Belgian debtors.  To absorb its continued growth and further improve its services, DirectPay will be opening an office in Belgium in 2018. DirectPay Belgium offers flexible and progressive solutions for complex debtor portfolios. Based on the solid financial position of the Dutch parent, we manage (and buy) underperformance portfolios and direct a sound collection process. As in the Netherlands, the DirectPay mission in Belgium is much broader. All aspects of credit management, from order to cash, are covered.

We offer flexible financial solutions for every portfolio. In principle, we have no restrictions in terms of sectors, size, or complexity. Because we guarantee the quality of our services, we do set requirements for the underlying documentation. All claims must be properly substantiated. DirectPay does not only manage and buy underperforming portfolios but also purchases performing portfolios and non-due invoices. Contact us for advice on management or purchase. We will be happy to provide you with a factoring formula tailored to your needs.

With our thorough knowledge of both the amicable and the judicial collection processes and debtor behaviour in Belgium, we are well placed to coordinate the collection process. DirectPay forms a link between institutional creditors on the one hand and the better bailiffs and independent debt collection agencies we work with on the other. We provide tailor-made solutions for each and every portfolio we deal with. We only use those parties who have the most experience with your type of claim. They know the sensitivities of your business and your customers like no other, so you can rest assured that claims are handled as you require. That way, we approach each portfolio in a socially responsible manner, and you do not face any risk to your reputation.