DirectPay in society.

DirectPay is very aware of the social context of its services. The social issue behind the term ‘problematic debts’ is about people. These people who are often quite vulnerable. If DirectPay establishes that a claim relates to such a debtor, we call in BringWay’s specialists. Through this platform, a solution suitable for all concerned is reached faster and more efficiently. Not only is our receivable weighted but the overall social and financial position of a debtor is also taken into account. DirectPay tries to avoid extra costs and always helps to offer prospects. Our debtors can rely on a number of special rules, their rights. This is unique in the Dutch market. DirectPay strives for a custom payment arrangement. We give all debtors the opportunity to test the arrangement against the applicable Nibud standards. In 2017, DirectPay made some 80,000 arrangements. DirectPay looks to do justice to every debtor. However, this does not completely rule out risks and errors. That is why we monitor the regular and social media on a daily basis for our services and those of our clients. Signs of dissatisfaction are a call to action. The starting point is that the process that leads to payment must be careful, respectful, and solution-oriented. A debtor should never be unduly forced to make a payment.