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DirectPay is the trade name of the full service credit management agency Direct Pay Services B.V. For more than 10 years, we have specialized in the cost-efficient administration and management of debtor risks. We are the proud market leader in the purchase and management of claims. DirectPay assists a large number of companies throughout the entire process from order to cash and offers maximum security on accounts receivable portfolios. This gives companies greater financial security and creates financial scope for their core activities. DirectPay also does this by taking over unpaid invoices – the claim against you . Your overdue payment will first be processed by a collection agency. They will engage us to make an appropriate payment arrangement with you. Invoices must be paid. But people who act in good faith and need extra time or space will be given  it, of course. We enable you to customize your payments. For people who really can’t pay, there are generous arrangements offered through the BringWay platform. For people who do not want to pay their bills, but are able to do so, the matter is referred to a collection agency that ultimately submits the claim to the court. DirectPay is at the heart of society. We are located in the centre of Rotterdam, where we improve our services every day with an enthusiastic and committed team. We know the world of our clients and the world of our debtors. We know what’s going on. Through Custom Payment, we bring these worlds together.

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Payment arrears never come at the right time. DirectPay understands that. That’s why we enable to customize your payments in the way that suits you. Start on time and avoid additional unnecessary costs

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